Ferenc Lombai

Submitted by Robotika on Tue, 03/04/2008 - 07:41.

His work mainly focuses on multimodal sensor information based motion generation, especially throwing and catching implementations with tactile and visual feedbacks on an anthropomorphic 6 degree-of-freedom robot arm. He has basic insight to design and implementation of both mechanical and electrical parts of robots, because the topic of his M.S. degree was the building of a robot snake.
He is further interested in biomimetic solutions, haptic or brain-machine interfaces, and collision detection. He has introductory knowledge in the field of nonlinear systems, mainly in their simulation and control. He is familiar to Matlab and Mathematica software's, and usually he is the person who asks much more then answers he finds. As a Ph.D. student his main studies cover neurobiology, control theory, and parallel computational environments.